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For your comfort and relaxation


Dental Massage Chairs

Imagine lying down to get your dental work completed and having the same relaxing experience as going to a spa. With the dental massaging chairs at Reflections Dental Spa that is just what you will receive- A relaxing, stress-free experience, that will assist you in reducing your anxiety; giving you a calming sensation.



Reflections Dental Spa adds the relaxing smell of aromatherapy to your visit. With our 100% pure essential oil diffusers, you will experience the soothing smells that will make this a dental experience you will never forget.

Our scented neck wraps offer you support to your neck during your dental visit while it also provides you with relaxing comfort .

Enjoy our eye masks which will sooth your tired eyes as you enjoy your dental stay with our office.

Our scented foot warmers provide an added relief to those tired feet. Not only do you get to lay in our massage chairs during your visit, but you will also enjoy the relaxation that our foot warmers offer.


Sound Therapy

Enjoy sound therapy while you have your dental work completed. Sound therapy provides a relaxing soothing environment to create a calm atmosphere.

With private headphones available, you have your choice of birds singing, ocean waves crashing on rocks, and many more. Sound therapy will provide you with the relaxing environment you need to assist you during your visit at Reflections Dental Spa.


Noise Cancelling Head phones

Noise cancellation headphones provide you with near silence during your dental visit at Reflections Dental Spa. As you experience the noise cancellation system it will be easy to forget that you are at the Dentist.


Lip Balm

At Reflections Dental Spa we know that the overall health of your mouth is important inside and out, that is why we give you your choice of complimentary lip balm. Lip balm will help condition your lips after a visit to our office. Have your choice of flavorů


Thera:Vie Hand Moisturizing treatment

Thera:Vie Innovative Healing Therapy offers a brand new way to treat your hands with disposable, biodegradable gloves containing high quality serum. They're quick and easy to use. Slip them on for 20 minutes and your hands become noticeably softer. The serum is made of natural, high quality ingredients including hazelnut, safflower and grapeseed oil along with Vitamins A&E and they are hypoallergenic.


Soothing Decor

Enjoy the relaxing, soothing sounds of our water fountains. The calming sound of water against rocks, the soothing colors, the aroma of pure essential oils, the soft music, the candle light - all add to the ambience at Reflections Dental Spa. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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