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Laser Dentistry


The application of lasers in dentistry opens the door for us to perform a wide variety of dental procedures. At Reflections Dental Spa, we have incorporated this state-of-the-art precision technology into a number of common and not-so-common procedures.


Laser Assisted Periodontal Bacterial Reduction


Periodontal disease affects roughly 80% of adults and continues to increase. At Reflections Dental Spa we will educate you on exactly what periodontal disease is. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection in the pockets around your teeth. We not only remove mechanical irritants and diseased tissue during your regular dental cleaning, but we are now addressing what causes the infection. The use of the laser is painless.

Reflections Dental Spa recommends that you include laser treatment to your regular cleaning or root planing appointment for several reasons:

  • To reduce or eliminate bacteria.
  • To avoid cross contamination of infections in one area of your mouth to another.
  • To destroy periodontal disease bacteria and stop the infection before it causes physical destruction or loss of attachment of your teeth.


Soft Tissue (Gum) Laser Dentistry Procedures

Crown Lengthening : Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue (soft tissue laser) and bone (hard tissue laser) to expose healthier tooth structure.

Soft Tissue Folds (Epulis) : Dental lasers may be used for the painless and suture-free removal of soft tissue folds often caused by ill-fitting dentures.

Pulpotomy : Soft Tissue lasers can be used for pulpotomy in primary teeth, and the toxic effect of formocresol which is routinely used for this procedure can be eliminated.


Other Laser Dentistry Applications

Tooth Sensitivity : Dental lasers may be used to seal tubules (located on the root of the tooth) that are responsible for hot and cold tooth sensitivity.

Benign Tumors : Dental lasers may be used for the painless and suture-free removal of benign tumors from the gums, palate, sides of cheeks and lips.

Cold Sores : Low intensity dental lasers reduce pain associated with cold sores and minimize healing time. No anesthesia is needed, providing immediate relief. With follow-up treatment, many report a disappearance of the sores.

Contact us to learn more about these procedures.


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