Kenya is a developing country in East Africa with a population of about 39,000,000. Majority are peasant farmers and live in the countryside where most survive on less than one dollar a day for their livelihood. Poor infrastructure, Poverty, disease and ignorance have persisted since independence in 1960.


Poverty, illiteracy and disease have compromised the health in the developing world. Children are hungry, sick and hopeless. It is estimated that 10-20 percent of children die of childhood associated illnesses that are 100% preventable and curable. Western Kenya has the highest child mortality rate due to malaria. Majority of the children who die are victims of immuno- suppression due to malnutrition, HIV AIDS or repeated Malaria without cure. Cancer is among the Killer diseases that are never investigated or treated because of high cost of anti-cancer drugs. Children with special needs lack basic equipments like wheel chair. They don't attend school.

I care grace international is committed to prevention and treatment of Childhood diseases.

  • Donate to feed a child.
  • Donate to dress a child.
  • Donate to prevent Malaria
  • Donate to support Cancer Treatment.
  • Donate to support special Children

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