We are a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote health care in rural communities by organizing medical missions internationally to reach and assist disadvantaged people through community based primary care. We are committed to promoting efficiency, transparency and accountability in all our operations. Starting with Kenya, we shall cover all African Countries and other developing nations throughout the world.


I Care Grace International gives you an opportunity to promote maternal and infantile health.

Over 75 % of women in rural Kenya deliver their children in their homes with attendance of a family member, a neighbor or a Traditional midwife. The few health centers miles away and expensive.  The women lack public transport, the roads are not tarmac, bumpy rough and impassable. The only available option is to deliver their babies at home. The greatest risk is that the traditional birth attendants have no form of medical education, lack proper equipment and so are added risks to these mothers at risk. Lack of prenatal care has increased maternal and infant mortality rates in Kenya. The death a mother in labor in the hands of a traditional midwife leaves painful memories to those who witness and those who hear. Prolonged labor, pre and postpartum hemorrhage, tetanus, sepsis, anemia and malnutrition are just but a few of the causes of death. We can help prevent maternal and infant deaths by bringing care close to these communities in desperate need.
I care Grace International stands in the gap to train midwives to achieve the required skills, to provide delivery equipments and creating community awareness. You have the greatest opportunity to touch the women in Africa and save lives. There is urgent need for:

1. Volunteer to serve on the medical mission
2. Donate medical equipments
3. Donate to train a midwife.

Please contact us for more information. To download the Donation Form please click here.


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