We are a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote health care in rural communities by organizing medical missions internationally to reach and assist disadvantaged people through community based primary care. We are committed to promoting efficiency, transparency and accountability in all our operations. Starting with Kenya, we shall cover all African Countries and other developing nations throughout the world.


Prevent and Treat childhood diseases in Western Kenya.

Poverty, illiteracy and disease have compromised the health in the developing world. Children are hungry, sick and hopeless. It is estimated that 10-20 percent of children die of childhood associated illnesses that are 100% preventable and curable.


Kenya has suffered many catastrophes' in the recent past including drought and Political post election violence. Many families in western region lost their houses in fires, and are internally displaced in their own country. Living in tents in Langas slum of Eldoret, Clement says life is unbearable. Hunger, lack of clean water and exposure to cold has increased the healthcare needs of the residence. I care Grace international moves to Eldoret for a two week medical mission to provide primary health services.

Volunteer to join us on the mission. Please contact us.


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