We are a C4 bio-based renewables company. We are also a biotechnology company. We will manufacture C4 alcohols, carboxylic acids and derivatives from renewable carbon sources using our patented high-productivity fermentation technology and our proprietary Clostridium organisms.

Our technology increases butanol production by over 30% vs. alternative processes, reduces acetone production by nearly 38%, and virtually eliminates production of ethanol and unwanted by-products. Our costs will be directly competitive with petro-based alternatives, and we anticipate a significant cost advantage as we continue to develop and streamline our processes.

Our core technology platform is our proprietary high-yield fermentation process.  We use our own unique Clostridia strains to process both C4 and C4 sugars extracted from lignocellulosic biomass from a variety of feedstocks, including wood, switchgrass, miscanthus, bagasse, corn stover and other sources to produce butyric acid, butanol and other carboxylic acids and derivatives. We have the ability to convert glucose, fructose and xylose as well.

Our platform is built on four core innovations:

  1. Sugar Extraction - With our partners, we have developed a low-cost pathway to convert the complex cellulose and hemi-cellulose carbohydrates contained in lignocellulosic biomass into C4 and C4 sugars which can then be digested for further processing.

  1. Strain Selection - We continue to build a robust library of genetically modified and unmodified Clostridia bacterial strains that we use in our high-productivity fermentation process.  This allows us to process a wide range of lignocellulosic feedstocks as well as sugars at high rates in a short time period, dramatically impacting the economics of our process.

  1. High Yield Fermentation - Our high-cell-density fermentation technology is our foundation for high-productivity at costs that are competitive with petro-based products. New organisms can provide similar opportunities in other carboxylic acids.

  1. Continuous Bio-Recovery - Our ability to continuously recover bio-based products in our process further reduces costs and improves production economics.

We are a renewables company, but we are first and foremost an industrial biotechnology company.  We are also a scale-up company, with a seasoned team of industry leaders who together have helped build nearly a dozen start-up companies and have brought a combined 400 million gallons per year of biofuels capacity online in the U.S. in the past two decades.

butylfuel™ LLC designs, engineers and builds C4 biorefineries. Our initial focus is on butanol as a chemical intermediate and advanced biofuel, and on butyric acid as a feedstock for our 2nd generation process technology to make butanol, as well as for end use as a value-added renewable chemical. More
We will use our proprietary technology and organisms to produce C4 alcohols, carboxylic acids and derivatives from renewable carbon sources. We have the ability to process a variety of lignocellulosic feedstocks such as forestry residues (woodchips and sawdust), temperate grasses (miscanthus and switchgrass), crop residuals (corn stover, bagasse), low cost sugar crops (sweet sorghum, sugar beets) and other green bio-waste. More


"Tech-no-lo-gy" - the application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives; the scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective.