butylfuel™ LLC designs, engineers and builds C4 biorefineries. Our initial focus is on butanol as a chemical intermediate and advanced biofuel, and on butyric acid as a feedstock for our 2nd generation process technology to make butanol, as well as for end use as a value-added renewable chemical.

Our core platform utilizes traditional fermentation process technology with our own proprietary Clostridia strains along with our proprietary protocols and nutritional regimens to achieve dramatic yield improvements in butanol, a significant reduction in co-product acetone yields, and essentially no ethanol.

Our 2nd generation platform produces butyric acid as a precursor to butanol in a two-stage reaction using our patented fibrous bed bioreactor (FBB™) technology.  This 2nd generation process is being developed at pilot scale now.  We believe this 2-stage process will produce butanol at costs lower than petro-based butyric acid and butanol processes.