Our leadership team at butylfuel™ LLC has a cumulative total of over a century of biotechnology, bioprocessing and commercial experience in biofuels and biochemicals. We’ve brought on 400 million gallons of biofuel capacity in North America. Our team has experience building bioprocessing facilities with companies like A.E. Staley, Abengoa, Genencor, Diversa and Monsanto.

One of our collaboration partners designed and built 6 biobutanol facilities in China. We are working with partners across North America to design, build and operate biobutanol facilities to process a wide range of cellulosic feedstocks, including miscanthus, forest residues, corn stover, sorghum, switchgrass, pulp waste streams, and green biowastes.

Our objective . . . our mission . . . is to create and develop the processes, build the production facilities, and commercialize biobutanol and other C4 products in collaboration with our partners across the value chain.

With over a century of combined experience in industrial biotechnology and biochemistry, our leadership team has a proven track record of results. More
We are only as successful as our collaborations, and we understand that the sum is greater than the parts. We are looking for partners. More


"Con-struct" - to form by assembling or combining parts; to build.