butylfuel™ LLC is growing and we anticipate a need for a number of key positions in R&D, production and administration. We look for the best and the brightest team players who share our vision and our values, and are committed to a renewable future.

We are based out of Columbus, Ohio with an office in Ashland, Virginia in the greater Richmond metro market. Both Columbus and Richmond are state capitals, and both cities share a high quality of life, excellent educational systems (both K-12 and university), affordable housing, and a thriving social environment. Our R&D labs and administrative offices are in Columbus, Ohio. Our commercial offices are located in Richmond, Virginia.


Click here for more information on the greater Columbus area. http://www.columbus.gov/

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"Team-work" - a group of people working closely together toward a common purpose; especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks.

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