Welcome to butylfuel LLC!

We pioneered butanol as an alternative fuel ...

and we are developing advanced technology to deliver high value alcohols, acids and derivatives to key markets.

We're looking for the right partners ...

who are interested in processing bio-feedstocks (wood, prairie grasses, biogasse, stover, sweet sorghum, corn) into value added chemicals and fuels.

We build bio-processing facilities ...

our team has brought on more than 400 million gallons of biofuel capacity in the U.S. and our partner has designed and built 6 biobutanol facilities in China.

  • Our focus is on building strong collaborations to advance the biorefinery concept, and to create value for our partners and our stakeholders.
  • We build biorefineries, and we solve complex problems working closely with our collaboration partners.
  • We integrate technology, people and processes to create significant value for our partners and our stakeholders.
  • butylfuel™ LLC has been generating headlines since 1991. Read stories of interest to the biofuels and renewable chemicals industry.


"Bi-o-re-fin-er-y" - a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce fuels, power, heat and value-added chemicals from biomass.