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About Us

Here at Baggers Bobbers & Choppers, we take pride in providing the very best Motorcycle Sales, Service, Repairs, Parts, Accessories, and Dyno Tuning. We are the Premier Motorcycle service and repair facility in Nevada. We work on Motorcycles from across the United States. We have Certified Harley Davidson MMI Mechanic from (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) in Phoenix, Arizona. Our work is guaranteed! Customer satisfaction is our primary goal! We also do custom motorcycle sales, service, repairs and Dyno Tuning. If you can think it up, we can do it. We work on most motorcycles, regardless of who manufactured them.


We now sell Motorcycles. Come in and see if we have something you will love to ride. All our Motorcycles are serviced and go through a 75 point checklist, and then repaired if needed.Check out our financing and guarantee.


We do all aspects of servicing your Motorcycle. Oil and filter Change, Chain tensions, clutch and brake cable adjustment. Head lights, turn signals and brake lights. Tire wear and correct tire air. We do a 75 point checklist so you know what needs repaired or replaced. Our goal is complete service and customer satisfaction.

Repairs and Parts

Motor rebuild and repair. Carburetor rebuild and adjustments. We have the best Motorcycle Diagnoticians there are.You have to find the problem before you can repair it. We can repair everything on your Motorcycle. Other repair facilities send us bikes they can't find the problem with, or fix. We use only the best Motorcycle parts. Our premier Motorcycle parts last the longest. We won't purchase a cheap part to save you or us money.

Dyno Tuning

We are an authorized Dynojet Motorcycle Tuning facility. We have the latest DynoJet Dynamometer, and it's fully equipped. No other shop in Las Vegas has a fully equipped Dyno to set the hundreds of areas in your motorcycles computer such as ignition timing, fuel air mixtures, adjusting throttle positions, adjusting or removing trottle limiters to go faster. We are also a DynoJet Power Commander authorized dealer. We tune the Power Commanders too. How can your bike run right if your computers fuel and ignition timing isn’t correctly set. We are a world record holding tuning facility. We have been involved in Drag Racing, Road Racing, Rolex Cup, Lake, Offshore, Bonneville Salt Flats Racing, and Motorcycle Racing. We have brought world championships to our customers through our expertise and services. We are a State of Nevada Certified Motorcycle repair and tuning facility. Expert Motorcycle tuning can reduce gas and oil consumption, reduce engine and exhaust heat temperatures and increase engine life.

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